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Allying to Supply Stretch Film Systems

FULTON, NY | Davis-Standard, and NO.EL, Milan, Italy, have agreed to jointly supply in-line coreless stretch film systems. This alliance combines NO.EL's

Coreless Winding Saves Money

The 1260-LFT shaft for coreless winding applications allows the winding of paper, film, or foil with no core, reportedly saving users money and eliminating

Core Plugs Are Undersized

Undersized plastic core plugs are precision-made to grip protective overwrap securely when tucked inside the core. Exacting plug tolerances help make

Panel Saw for Material Handling

The VSs 20.40 scoring vertical panel saw offers 6-ft-plus cross-cut and 12-ft-plus rip-cut capacity, plus a separate scoring blade for chip-free cutting.

Blower Control Aids Energy Efficiency

The FOX Runner portable pneumatic trim removal system now is available with new variable speed blower control. Company says the ability to vary blower

Rollers Add Precision

Redesigned GripLock Rollers give its Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft extra speed and precision in differential winding applications, company reports.

Roller Refurbishing: Replace or Refinish?

Due to the long service life of most heat transfer rolls, converters often wait for problems to arise before servicing their equipment. Unfortunately,

Riding the Rails

When it comes to shipping materials, product needs to arrive undamaged. That was the challenge faced by the Coated Products Operations of Green Bay Packaging,

Heat Transfer Fluid Is Stable

GLT heat transfer fluid is said to be a thermally stable, economical, high-performance solution for both high- and low-temperature processes. Formulated

Shafts Are Durable

Composite carbon fiber shaft designs are said to reduce weight significantly on wide web air shafts and to reduce workplace injuries. Durable 3-in.-dia

Move Heavy Loads Safely

Compact, battery-powered CartMover is said to ensure worker safety when heavy loads on wheels need to be moved, in addition to increasing productivity.

Collar Won't Mar Shafts

Accu-Mount collar has a smooth bore that reportedly won't mar shafts and a centering hub with a square and flat side that features four predrilled and

Square Equipment With Precision

The right 90-Line Square Plane is called ideal for squaring machinery and equipment; setting up presses; checking machine tools; aligning guide rails;

Fife Celebrates 70 Years

Fife Corp. is celebrating 70 years of success in the web handling industry

Playing the Wrinkle Blame Game

Imagine you are an unwind operator. You unwrap the next roll of input material, splice it into the machine, and hit the run button. Then you see them

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