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Release Liner Recycling Program


WAUSAU, WI—This special program from Recycling Solutions is designed to help end-users and customers collect and recycle used release liners. Recycling used release liners can save on hauling and landfill costs. Instead of ending up as landfill waste, the liners can be repulped to make paper products.

Recycling Solutions has diverted hundreds of tons of spent liners from landfills and, in some cases, is paying $30 per ton for liner shipped to its plant. In other cases, the company can facilitate a program with a logistics and packaging expert in a company’s area. Some generators are shipping spent liners direct to paper mills.

Here’s how you can participate in the program:

STEP ONE—All arrangements can be established with Recycling Solutions. Contact Dave Robinson at 888/842-0389.

STEP TWO—Your situation will determine whether used liners can be shipped to Recycling Solutions or directly to a paper mill. Shipping costs are paid by the generator.

STEP THREE—Release liners should be collected and packed for shipment using these guidelines:

  • Only bleached white liners (super calendered, machine finished, etc.) will be accepted.
  • Contaminated material will not be accepted. Liners should be contaminant-free with no adhesives or undispensed labels left on liners.
  • Ideally, liner should be baled. If this is not practical, containers such as Gaylord boxes may be used.
  • Rolls are accepted in skid loads only (no loose rolls will be accepted). Skids of material should arrive securely packaged.
  • No shipping containers will be returned.

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