Adhesives Research Announces New Business


GLEN ROCK, PA—Adhesives Research has formed a new business, ARmark Authentication Technologies, which focuses on anti-counterfeiting technology in the form of covert markers, a technology that can be combined with custom-developed delivery systems for application to a variety of goods, including pharmaceuticals, packaging, food, apparel, currency, bonds, and government documents. The covert ARmark markers are identified via digital micro-imaging hardware and customized software programs. These authentication technologies were developed to aid in supply chain control, product surety, and risk mitigation for industries faced with global counterfeiting.

Customizable ARmark Authentication Markers offer benefits to customers seeking a unique surety/brand protection solution for their products and manufacturing processes.

These markers also are compatible with other (covert/overt) identification technologies, and offer the ability to be affixed within the product, on the product, as part of its packaging, etc. These markers can function in a range of environments and have been designed to be easily adaptable to the production of products and their manufacturing processes.


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