Fujifilm Performs at Highest Levels at IPA Color Proofing RoundUP


VALHALLA, NY—Fujifilm's FinalProof GxT digital halftone proofing device ranked in the highest categories at the recent IPA Color Proofing RoundUP, held June 6-8 during the 2006 IPA Technical Conference. The FinalProof GxT, coupled with the manufacturer's Proof Director Pro v3.10, ranked in the highest category for visual evaluation by both vendors and conference participants, as well as spot color matching.

The IPA Color Proofing RoundUP consisted of participants building ICC color profiles using supplied targets from press sheets and then outputting proofing strictly based on numbers and with no visual guidance. The RoundUP covered five areas and included both hard-and soft-copy proofing solutions: matching images on the press sheet, Delta E tests, multichannel images (six-color), Pantone spot colors, and cost analysis.

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