Dynamics of RFID Utilization


AB Graphics' range of Omega RFID converting products all are offline converting platforms designed for specific tasks, varying from simple wet inlay RFID integration through to finished label rolls with verification and removal of defective inlays and automated replacement of verified functional inlays for 100% reliability. This is particularity important when supplying labels and packaging for the pharma and food packaging markets. The company also is also seeing RFID attached products being applied on large-format converting presses with multiple lane insertion, relamination, re-register, and die cutting, as well as other available modules such as flexographic printing stations.

Smaller label manufactures will utilize integrating machines such as Omega Ti 150. This is a model requiring little space while offering high productivity and ease of use. It is not dependent on frequency and is capable of integrating RFID and EAS tags and other types of inserts or labels from pre-printed, die cut rolls. If much larger, faster and more sophisticated systems, capable of multiple processes, several lanes across in one pass are required we can supply standard format or customized unit from the Omega stable.

One of AB Graphic's client label manufacturers using Omega converting systems reported sales of RFID labels to be typically 500,000 per week. The same manufacturer stated that this was twice the amount produced twelve months earlier and volume is continuing to rise steadily. To learn more, visit abgint.com.

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