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METRO Selects Exclusive Shrink Management Global Partner


Checkpoint Systems, a leader in product identification and shrink management solutions, has been selected by METRO Cash & Carry to launch a global shrink management and source-protection program in Europe, Asia and Africa. The strategic agreement, which includes worldwide store installation of NDRF (New Digital Radio Frequency) technology and source tagging, will help METRO Cash & Carry to minimize shrinkage and reduce operational costs by using only one supplier, Checkpoint Systems, and implement source tagging, with the ultimate aim of improving their customers’ shopping experience.

Installation of 3G NDRF (called “Liberty PX” in North America) antennas and deactivators is planned for the more than 425 Cash & Carry self-service wholesale stores in 28 countries, making it the most international EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) roll out of its kind.

The global shrink management solution provides METRO Cash & Carry (under METRO and MAKRO brand names), with product protection throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and distribution to the point of sale, where the RF tags on the item are deactivated. This eliminates the need for employees to spend time physically securing the tags in-store or removing them at point of sale.

To learn more, visit checkpointsystems.com.

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