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JDF Experience at Drupa 2008


DUSSELDORF, GERMANY | The Intl. Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) and Messe Dusseldorf announced the JDF experience parc will be a part of Drupa 2008. Approximately 50 exhibitors demonstrated JDF-enabled systems and software at the 2004 show, prompting the nickname "JDF Drupa." At the 2008 show, a JDF experience parc—located in the innovation parc in Hall 7—an area dedicated to companies that will demonstrate JDF systems and software, as well as interoperability with other exhibitors in the JDF experience parc. Already 20 companies indicated they plan to participated in the JDF experience parc and 30 or more are exppected to exibit JDF-enabled products in the JDF experience parc.

The Drupa 2008 innovation parc also will feature a JDF experience theater. The JDF experience theaer at the Drupa 2008 innovation parc will be used to conduct short seminars on JDF-related topics such as automating digital printing, optimizing customer communications with JDF-enabled creative tools, automating commercial printing operations, and more. The JDF experience theater also will be used to present user case studies.

For more information, visit mdna.com.

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