Gloucester Expands Rebuilding Capacity


GLOUCESTER, MA | Gloucester Engineering Co. (GEC) has expanded its bag machine rebuilding and retrofitting capacity. Company says it can now take a used bottom-seal bag machine of any age, and from any OEM, and upgrade, retrofit, and remanufacture it with the latest servo drive and control package. 

Reportedly, rebuilding an old bag machine will increase line performance, productivity, and quality, as well as limit downtime, by making it cleaner, safer, quieter, faster, and more accurate, all for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new model.

“Our bag machine rebuilds have always been a popular service that we’ve offered here,” says Laurent Cros, president of GEC’s Lifetime Support Division. “We’re excited to be able to devote more resources to it now with our enhanced aftermarket division, and we foresee it expanding greatly. It’s already becoming one of our most popular services.”

Using trained factory labor and OEM certified parts, GEC retrofits include:

• a replacement of all hydraulic components with a 4-axis servo drive package that controls bag length, shuttle motion, web tension, and head travel;

• a new touch screen console for machine operation and control;

• new operator controls with software tools for remote diagnosis, troubleshooting, and recipe storage;

• refurbished shuttle and idler rollers;

• replacements for stub shafts and bearings;

• replacement of guards’ outboard of side frames on the operator’s side;

• stripped and recovered rubber rolls, stripped and replated chrome rolls, and refurbished guarding and cabinets.

All of this is backed by company’s Lifetime Support guarantee, as well as its “Good as New” one-year warranty.

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