Standup Pouch for Wine Wins FPA Gold

LINTHICUM, MD | Curwood Inc., a Bemis Company, earns a Gold Award for Packaging Excellence from the Flexible Packaging Assn. for its Bonfire Wines standup pouches, which are said to hit all the hot buttons for next-generation wine drinkers. Curwood also took home a Silver Award for Sustainability and Environmental Achievement for the wine pouch.

The 1.5-liter pouch, designed by Bonfire Wines' Eric Steigelman, combines sleek lines, fashion-driven graphics, a sharable size, easy portability, convenient opening, and one-touch dispensing. The structure includes an OPET exterior layer, metallized core and Liquiflex Advance inner layer for printability, barrier, strength, stiffness, and organoleptic properties.

The package’s signature shape—a first in barrel pouches—solves the “sagging” challenge common to liquid packaging. Featuring an 80% smaller carbon footprint than bottles, the sustainable pouch keeps wine fresh up to four weeks after opening.

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