Performance Pkg. of NV Launches New Cap for Pouches

LAS VEGAS, NV | Performance Packaging of Nevada introduces the SipP cap, a new design for flexible spouted pouches used for such products as health & energy, fruit purees, organic products, and baby food, as well as products such as non-food and medical applications. The new cap is said to function well on major existing industry filling machinery lines.

In development for 18 months, the SipP cap (pronounced "sipp-ee") was awarded US Patent #8,443,999B1 for a design that offers a wide range of added features applicable to multiple industries.

Performance Packaging reportedly listened to its customers and general consumers while reviewing available caps in the market to determine areas of potential improvements in safety and features.

The SipP cap provides several improvements:

  • the introduction of horizontal and vertical air-ducts to allow critical air-flow in case of accidental lodging of the cap in the mouth or throat
  • a more visible tamper-evident band when the product is opened
  • the tamper-evident band remains on the cap, and not left on the spout where it could potentially come off

The SipP cap's ergonomic enhancements include deep ridges on its exterior which, combined with its 32-mm size (which exceeds the width regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission), make the SipP cap easier to grip for opening where "slippage" might occur with glossy or smooth caps. Made from either high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), the SipP cap is suitable for hot-filling or retort applications. As an environmental feature, by introducing a special additive to the resin, the SipP cap can be biodegradable.

“Consumer convenience is the driving trend for packaging,” explained Rob Reinders, president of Performance Packaging of Nevada. “However, of paramount importance is consumer safety, especially for infants and children. This drove us to design a better cap that has air passages and the convenience of easy-to-grip ridges. We are confident the SipP cap is a vast improvement over the leading caps in the market.”

In addition to hot, cold, or ambient filling, the SipP cap also can be used for frozen or retort applications and has been successfully tested on major pouch-filling line machinery produced by such companies as Toyo Jidoki Co., Gualapack, Yuedong, and Velotus.

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