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Allied Development Announces Microwaveable Packaging Study


BURNSVILLE, MN | Allied Development is offering a new packaging study on the future of US microwaveable packaging markets with detailed segment forecasts to 2016. Included is in-depth analysis of emerging trends, market conditions, and market drivers; current dollar values and consumption volumes with projections to 2016; and the latest technology developments and the opportunities they afford.

The study offers detailed analysis of the trends and drivers of what it calls a “unique and challenging” market with 350 pages of detailed data reportedly not available anywhere else.

The US microwaveable packaging market will reach $2 billion by 2016, reflecting revenue growth of 9.4%/yr during the next five years. According to the study, that one factor driving US market growth is the rapid adoption of microwaveable packaging within food product categories that require increased packaging functionality. This report evaluates many proven applications for microwaveable packaging and highlights several food industry segments that are growing faster than the industry as a whole: vegetables, desserts, prepared meals, pasta, and pizza.

The study encompasses retail and food service packaging and includes numerous listings and descriptions of recent packaging developments, many of which are just entering the marketplace.

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