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PECO Winders Suited for Wider Widths


FAIRFIELD, NJ | PECO, a wholly owned subsidiary of FAS Converting Machinery, reports the industrial winder Models IW and IWP are available in widths to 44 in. (1,100 mm). The IW model is for winding bags on a roll, while the IWP is for sheets, tubing, sheeting, or bags on a roll. 

The IW series winds rolls up to 44 in. wide, and 11 in. in diameter. The standard winder can produce up to five rolls/min, at line speeds to 250 fpm. The high-speed model, the HS, enables winding at lines speeds to 500 fpm. The new special HSE model can run at speeds to 750 fpm. The winder can also wind rolls on 1.5- or 3-in. OD cores.

The IW is available with an integrated perforation unit (Model IWP), which can be used to make multiple sheets per roll and will be used to do the automatic roll transfer. The winder will transfer after a given number of perforations are produced, or when a specific length of film is reached. Optionally, company’s spark tester can be added to detect bags and/or perforations that are made on external bag machines.

Winders are designed to operate in-line with a blown film extrusion line for 24/7 production, as well as use in out-of-line systems, if desired. The operator panel features multi-language capabilities, and winder controls feature a fault-detecting feature.

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