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AguaSAC Water Pouches Get Attention

AguaSACPHOENIX, AZ | When the Phoenix commercial real estate industry gathered September 12 for Commercial Executive Magazine’s annual Fall Forum, helping the attendees quench their thirst for industry information was the unique 8-oz drinking pouch known as AguaSAC. The attention-getting and fun pouches, which contain Sedona Bottling Co. Natural Artesian Spring Water, were supplied by CBRE as part of its sponsorship of the event.

Besides providing water that’s fresh, non-carbonated, purified by nature, full of healthful minerals and sodium-free, the AguaSAC pouches also improve the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. AguaSAC provides an opportunity for these individuals to assist in the production of the innovative packages at vocation centers throughout Arizona.

“Finding a job can be difficult for even the most skilled and qualified potential employees. For those with developmental disabilities it can be much harder,” said Craig Henig, managing director and Arizona market leader with CBRE. “Through organizations like AguaSAC, CBRE can help ensure that those in our community with developmental disabilities are given the opportunity of quality employment. These workers are developing skills and building relationships that will enrich their lives as a whole.”

The AguaSAC pouches will be custom-printed with the CBRE label for the event, and are even more attractive in that the packages are completely recyclable and contain no BPA (Bisphenol A), a concern raised in some consumer products and food containers.

“AguaSAC is proud to affirm there is absolutely no BPA in our containers,” explained Liesl Harder Kielp, the founder of AguaSAC LLC . “This further illustrates our belief that the product allows companies to provide naturally fresh and healthful water in an eight-ounce container to their customers, be it in an office, a warehouse, restaurant, or manufacturing environment.”

The benefits of AguaSAC include:

  • Being ideal for small-order quantity water that’s custom labeled for the venue, such as a bank, insurance agency, or any company that hosts clients and wants to make a statement
  • They can be used in restaurants that already sell water including quick service restaurants
  • Pouches can be used for fundraisers
  • They are a perfect addition to the airline industry, owing to less waste and easier clean-up.

AguaSAC is truly the “next generation” of responsible beverage packaging: it is the first water in a side-gusseted spouted pouch where the beverage is not tainted by the off-odor of the inner layer of plastic in the pouch. AguaSAC also provides cost savings compared with other side-gusseted pouches in the marketplace today.

AguaSAC is a member of Local First Arizona (LFA), a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through supporting, maintaining, and celebrating locally owned businesses across Arizona.

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