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Press To Close Zippers Benefit Small Snack Packages

ZORY, POLAND | Established in 1992, Polish company, Sante, which translated from the French word, santé, means “health,” has been setting trends in the healthy foods market since its founding – and continues to keep a close eye on the changing needs of the consumer. One of the fundamental changes is the increase in consumer awareness and popularity of healthy snacks. According to a 2016 Nielsen Measurement, the value of this market segment in Poland exceeded $340 million. This growth in popularity has indicated a number of pro-health trends, such as the increase in demand for dried fruits, which are becoming the snack of choice for work or school instead of solely being used as cooking ingredients.

To further meet consumer expectations, Sante upgraded its packaging of nuts and dried fruits (100 g) with EL-ZIP Press to Close Zippers. "Consumers want packages that not only ensure and preserve product quality, but also have convenience of use," says Dominika Przyłęcka, marketing director at Sante. "That is why we have focused on packaging which combines quality with convenience, and will help set a new trend - health with functionality."

More than 70% of purchasing decisions are made directly in front of the store shelf, face-to-face with the product. A visit to the store can take approximately 20 minutes on average, and the purchase decision takes an average of 12 seconds. “That's why flexible packaging is becoming so popular,” explains Marcin Pawelak, president of ELPLAST Europe, EL-ZIP closures manufacturer. “Purchasing decisions can be determined by a whole range of features the flexible packaging can offer.” These features include easy of storage and transport, extended shelf life of product, increased product attractiveness due to graphics capabilities, and increased shelf visibility. And of course, thanks to the use of zippers, consumers are given the freedom of re-closure.

"Therefore, if we focus on nuts and dried fruits as a snack, the packaging must provide re-closure functionality that eliminates the risk of content spillage. To give the consumer instinctive cues that the bag was successfully re-closed, we have designed EL-ZIP Press to Close Zippers with audible and tactile features – ‘feel & sound’ effects, which are perfect for products such as Sante fruit and nut snacks,” adds Pawelak. After closing a package that has an EL-ZIP Press to Close Zipper, the consumer can be confident the content will stay in the right place; in the pouch.


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