Mondi Expands Bagmaking Capabilities

VIENNA, AUSTRIA & JACKSON, MO | Mondi, a global supplier in packaging and paper, is expanding its US capability to produce premium flat-bottom bags for food, pet food, and home and personal care applications. Company says the move comes in response to rising demand in the US for premium flexible packaging solutions from consumer goods manufacturers and brand owners. In the food sector, e.g., premium packaging innovations are emerging worldwide as a major trend, according to the “Global Packaging Trends 2018” report from market research firm Mintel. “Brands will look to contemporary packaging formats to reinvigorate the center-of-store aisles less visited by younger consumers,” according to Mintel. 

Mondi’s expanded capacity includes the ability to produce premium flat-bottom bags with top slider closures

Mondi’s expanded capability, which includes more manufacturing capacity and new equipment in the US, will be fully operational by the third quarter of 2018. Reportedly it will help the company meet the growing needs of the consumer goods industry in the US for premium bags with creative designs, riveting graphics, and printing, as well as innovative features.

“Premium flexible packaging needs to communicate a brand’s message effectively and be as unique as the product inside,” says Bill Kuecker, VP of marketing, Mondi Jackson. “With the extreme competition on store shelves that brands currently face, packaging needs to grab the consumer’s attention and maintain satisfaction during a product’s use life to remain relevant. Our expanded premium bagmaking capabilities will help our current and future customers bring their products to market in packaging that meets these challenging criteria. To cite just one example, our premium flat-bottom bags can be produced with a variety of reclosing options, such as top sliders, to help customize the consumer’s packaging experience.”

Changing consumer behavior and demographics fuel the increasing popularity of premium packaging options, the company says, adding that in the pet food sector this trend has been especially noted. According to market research firm Packaged Facts, “…super premium and natural pet food brands are expected to drive the market, outpacing the growth of regular pet food by at least double.”

In response, says the research, pet food manufacturers and brands are turning to packaging suppliers for innovative solutions that differentiate their premium offerings from commodity brands. Sought-after features include clear windows that showcase package contents and enhanced printing that conveys product quality at a glance.

Lifestyle, demography, and convenience are also impacting the broader food sector. According to the US Census Bureau, the elderly population is on the rise, with US seniors expected to outnumber children by the year 2035. At the same time, consumers of all ages are eating more meals alone or while on the go, research says. These trends create more demand for premium bags and packaging with easy-opening features, built-in handles for portability, and reclosing features to preserve food freshness.

“Mondi’s expanded premium bagmaking abilities will help our packaging customers respond to evolving consumer needs and expectations,” says Kuecker. “The improvements enhance our ability to supply ‘CustoMYzed’ solutions that meet specific packaging challenges.”


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