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New Stand-Up Pouch System by CMD Corporation

APPLETON, WI | at Pack Expo 2018, CMD Corporation will exhibit a revolutionary new stand-up pouch system delivers robust precision, irresistible simplicity, quick changeovers and logical, simple maintenance. Unveiling of the CMD Model 760-SUP Stand-Up Pouch system will occur at 10:00 amOctober 14, in Lakeside Hall Booth E-7918 of McCormick Place.

Product development for the 760-SUP began in late 2015 as an answer to the market need for a high-efficiency pouch system to grow converter profit margins while providing leading quality pouch products.

“Our desire was to build the right machine, with the right user benefits, at the right market price,” says Scott Fuller, Product Line Manager for pouch and intermittent-motion equipment at CMD. “We extensively interviewed pouch converters, conducted SMED analyses, gathered end-use pouch market data, and identified critical unmet needs, all of which helped us create a truly unique stand-up pouch-making solution that answers converter concerns.”

A little over two years later, in late 2017, construction of the Model 760-SUP was complete and thorough component and process testing using data analytics commenced. Testing took place within the CMD Advanced Engineering Analytics Lab for the real-time testing and future-proofing of critical components and process capabilities to ensure the entire pouch converting system was statistically stable and reliable.

The Model 760-SUP Stand-Up Pouch system is now fully vetted and available for demonstrations and purchase. It focuses on dramatically reducing set-up and changeover time while keeping operation simple and logical for reliable and repeatable product quality.

In the past, operation of standard pouch machines has required a certain finesse. It could almost be considered an “art” -relying on instinct and the experience of operators. That is not how the CMD Model 760-SUP system operates, though. 

In contrast, the 760-SUP leverages advanced technology for stable and repeatable process application and reliability for the most demanding web handling and sealing specifications. Precision balanced rollers provide consistent web control; flexible component adjustments with clear positioning scales allow for precise settings and locked-in accuracy; a pneumatic web clamp maintains tension for minimal scrap during roll change; the robust structural design of the sealers retains flatness and parallelism even under full-force loads.

All machine components have undergone intensive durability and wear life testing within the CMD Advanced Engineering Analytics Lab. As a result, CMD technicians have in-depth knowledge of component capability and have used such knowledge to create a robust design for process integrity that holds up under the most stressful of conditions.

Due to concern over high employee turnover and a shrinking labor pool, converters desire a pouch machine that is easy to learn and train on. With a neat and fully-enclosed cable management system; an orderly and intuitive color touch screen with clearly marked tabs; and an open design—with no light curtains—for quick and easy adjustments and straightforward accessibility, the 760-SUP embodies ease of operation.

The system was designed based on input from operators, technicians and managers to maximize simplicity. This leads to more uptime, increased pouch quality and the increased likelihood of retaining skilled operators. The system also contains a rapid punch tool for expedient and confident adjustments and an integrated zipper unwind and tension control for quick, convenient and open-access thread ups.

The research phase of the CMD project identified two specific items of immediate concern to converters for their reduction of production time with existing pouch machines: lengthy changeovers and extended maintenance operations. These two obstacles often lead to increased downtime, excess scrap, less production and an overall reduced profit margin. 

With the 760-SUP, though, quick and easy changeovers are the standard. The system boasts easy splicing that does not affect downstream processes, quick change seal dies for fast access and turnaround, precision balanced rollers for consistent web control and a securely aligned zipper seal and guide-plate for perfect alignment every time. The machine also contains a uniquely designed step-in frame for safe and efficient adjustments and quick access. By cutting downtime with quick changeovers, the 760-SUP increases productivity and converters’ bottom lines.

A close second to converter desire for speedy changeovers is the market need for a reduction in scheduled and impromptu downtime, a significant factor in production capabilities. Due to the thorough analytic data collection and rigorous process/capability testing of the Model 760-SUP, CMD is able to predict unplanned maintenance and facilitate logical, quick fixes so maintenance is more likely to be planned for. 

Avoiding breakdowns and reducing the duration of any stoppages is key to obtaining and retaining a competitive and profit advantage. Within the 760-SUP, the clearly defined color touch screen allows for effortless troubleshooting and corrective actions; lighted I/0 modules assist with faster diagnostics, and a dedicated electrical cabinet for each module grants organized access. Straightforward accessibility coupled with process simplicity gets this system up and running faster.

“The CMD 760-SUP Stand-Up Pouch system is revolutionary in the pouch market today,” says Fuller. “It emphasizes accessibility, simplicity, and a robust design in a way that existing pouch machines do not and, as a result, is better for both converters and the end consumer.”

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