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Trends in the Pressure Sensitive Label Market

By Ann Brink, Contributing Writer

The following summation is based on data from Alexander Watson Associates’ 2022 edition of the Labeling and Product Decoration Annual Review.

The 2022 AWArenessTM Report on the Global Pressure-sensitive Label Market stated that the global need for labels had grown 3.8 percent since 2020. While a decline in label demands in 2020 could be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, further data suggested growth within the label market since then worldwide.

Specifically, in 2021, North America saw an 18 percent growth in marketing demands for labels. This differs, however, from Asia which experienced a 45 percent market share. Meanwhile, Africa and the Middle East showed the least amount of growth in their need for label products.

Regarding the technology of labels in 2021, additional data shows that pressure-sensitive labels only proceeded a growth percentage compared to glue-applied labels by 7 percent. Therefore, pressure-sensitive labels experienced a percentage growth of 41 percent, whereas glue-applied labels followed at 34 percent. Mold labels experienced the least amount of growth, at 4 percent.

The 21st century’s ever-growing technological advancements, as well as more efficient manufacturing tactics play a role in the data. 2021’s collected data found that the leading application of labels was VIP by 48 percent. Primary products followed closely behind with only a 5 percent difference measuring the percentage at 43 percent. Functional/Security and Promotional applications exhibited a much lower percentage at both 5 and 4 percent.

Considering the global popularity of pressure-sensitive Label Market by End-Use Segments from 2021 data collections, exhibit 4 displays greater percentage variety than previous data noted within this article. Food, transport and logistics, and beverage labels shared close percentages from 23 to 16 to 13 percent. That said, other pressure-sensitive Label Market by End-Use segments present much lower percentages. The categories of retail and pharmaceuticals are most popular amongst these lower percentages. Considering these percentages, the demand for food, transport and logistics, and beverage labels are most popular in terms of End-Use segments.

With the topic of growth and decline in mind, exhibit 4 showcases the Global Label Market Growth versus the Global GDP Growth beginning from 2006 to predictions about the year 2024.

As the line graph demonstrates, the Label Market saw a fairly large increase in growth in approximately 2011, remaining steady up until the present day, and predicted to remain somewhat steady to 2024. The Global GDP Growth, however, experienced a decline in 2009 when the Global Label Market was growing, then, a rather dramatic drop between 2020 and 2021.

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About the Author

Anna Brink is a student and writer in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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