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Freedonia Releases Report on Pouches

While most demand for pouches is in food and beverages, nonfood markets such as medical will be growing faster in the years ahead

Presto, Bemis Launch New Drug Package Format

Uses flexible pouch instead of carton as secondary packaging for blister packs

Ceresana Issues Study on Bags and Sacks

Polyethylene is the most commonly used material in bags and sacks, but there are differences around the world

Two-Way Top Flap ecoEnvelope Introduced

RECOCHET Alta approved by USPS, Wins Good Design Award

Squeezy Straw Is New Technique for Producing Standup Pouches

Barton Group announces development designed for liquid and semi-liquid products

Mamata Machinery Presents Servo Driven Universal Bag Maker

Designed for e-commerce and courier bag making, company says the solution is modular and can be customized and configured for multipurpose flexible production lines

Mamata Machines Make Zipper Poly Bags

Zipper machines are said to offer excellent web tension control and high speeds

Mamata Pouch Machine Has Many Capabilities

The Vega 610 servo-driven machine processes many different types of pouches, including zipper, side-seal, and stand-up models

Amcor Flexibles, ColaLife Saving Lives in Africa

The Kit Yamoyo Flexi-pack provides essential medicine and doubles as a clean measuring vessel for water

Culver's Takes Top Honor in FPI Awards

Take-out bags earn Foodservice Package of the Year

EcoCortec Produces Static Dissipative Bags in Record Time

Meets multinational customer's tight delivery schedule

Countertop Beer Dispenser Relies on Flexible Pouch by Mondi

Custom-engineered flexible pouch holds and preserves gallon of beer

3D Barrier Bags Opens New Florida Facility

Orlando plant will dispatch custom made bags within 24 hours

Ampac Almond Pouch Has QuickZip Closure

Standup pouch features the Aplix fastener system

Amcor Uses Vivid Color Palette for Bread Packaging

Removes all spot colors in redesign of 20 types of Family Bread

Totani America Commercial

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