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Put Your Tradeshow Signs On Steroids With QR Codes

With ICE under our belts and CPP ExpoLabel Expo and the K Show coming up, I challenge all exhibitors and attendees to download a QR code reader app and hit the floors armed with the reader. The experience at the show will be much more enriched. If the exhibitors do it right, they will have QR Codes on their trade show signs directing visitors to a product-specific web page that may contain video demonstrations, technical specifications, and even offers to get the product or service quickly.


Are you an exhibitor that wants to enhance your prospect’s experience at the show and demonstrate your cutting-edge prowess? Then take some action with this 4-step guide on how to easily create QR codes.


Step 1 – Provide your customer with a very purposeful webpage that will load onto a smartphone or tablet. Make sure you are not just re-purposing something they are already seeing in the booth. Create video, make an offer or provide testimonials that support the message they see next to the QR Code they will scan.

Step 2 – Copy the URL of that webpage, and go to a free QR Code Generator site. There are many available; my favorite is KAYWA, found at

 Easy QR Code Product

Step 3 – Paste your URL into the field, select the “Static” button before clicking on “Generate.” Your QR Code image will be on the left.

Step 4 – Single right-click the QR Code image, and select “Save as…” Then save the image onto your computer so you can insert it into your tradeshow graphic. It’s that easy. Make sure the size is large enough to scan from the reader app on a smartphone or tablet and, of course, test, test, and test before printing!


One last thing… There is an etiquette to using QR Codes, so make sure you don’t use them in a digital environment (email, webpage) because a simple URL link would be more appropriate, and don’t lead the users to content that they already have in front of them. Give them a pay-off for doing the work to scan your code. I’m breaking the rules with my sample image of a QR Code (which technically I have on this page to show you what it looks like) but if you scan it, I have provided you with a little treat once you get to the web page. Go ahead; check it out… It’s worth viewing!

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