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PFFC WEBINAR: How to be Successful at Solventless Laminating—Best Practices

Did you know that variables such as machine design, adhesive mixing, and surface treatment are all factors in the success you experience in solventless laminating?

If you already have or are considering buying into this fast-growing technology, then why not be at the top of your game from the get-go? Join me as I moderate a free  PFFC Webinar for the converting industry by visiting WEBINARS on the PFFC website to hear this on-demand recording of the original May 20th event.

Our guest speakers, who are recognized authorities in this field of technology, tackled materials and equipment needs, leaving no stone unturned. Listen, learn, and most important of all, review questions our audience offered to solve their issues of concern.

Our panel of experts include Giancarlo Caimmi of Nordmeccanica, Mike Leib of Dow Chemical, and Tom Gilbertson of Enercon Industries, who collectively addressed the following subjects:

  • How machine design influences solventless lamination
  • How to simplify a lamination process that shows little or no adhesive at green
  • Common mistakes that are easy to avoid, why they happen and how to prevent them
  • How to implement a laminating conversion protocol to improve quality
  • Best practices for adhesive mixing, coating weight control, and application
  • When to use a corona treater to improve adhesive
  • How watt density corona treatment control ensures consistent results

Registration for the archived webinar will earn you access to the recorded version for future reference when you need it most.

CLICK HERE for the on-demand webinar.

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