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Plastic Trash Becomes Treasure?

Some people, despite imposing the “retiree” label on themselves, just can’t quit. That’s the case of my friend Dave Markgraf, who many of you may remember from his previous affiliations with Pinnacle XL and Enercon Industries. He, like several other retiree friends I keep, stays in contact with me when the muse strikes him. While we often trade personal photos or family updates, Dave keeps up on converting and allied industries as well. This time Dave forwarded me a YouTube link to a plastics recycling process that either is the among the biggest hoaxes I’ve ever seen, or it actually may have some merit. See for yourself!

Aknori Ito of Blest Corp. has devised an oil conversion machine, employing Japanese technology, that takes plastic waste, such as plastic flexible packaging, plastic closures, cups, bottles, you name it, and turns it back into oil. For every 1 kg of plastic waste, 1 liter of oil is produced that can be used as is or further processed to be used as gas, diesel, or kerosene.

The contraption is small enough it can be used in the home, and it costs, from what I can gather, about $10,000. It’s claimed efficient and safe, but is it for real???

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