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Shortage of 48-gauge PET Film?

A recent conversation with my good friend John Felinski, president of Filmquest in Bolingbrook, IL, revealed there’s a growing critical shortage of 48-gauge PET film used for converting applications.

When John called me, he asked if I’d heard anything about it because none of the plastics magazines had reported a thing. I admitted not having heard anything either. So I started to ask around.

John explained that the 48-gauge PET film shortage materialized within the last 60–90 days, and pricing has gone up significantly. But if prices weren’t bad enough, it’s the availability that’s hurting converters most. John said that he believed some of the shortages were resulting from film being diverted for such applications as flat panel TV screens and solar film consumption.

A spokesperson (who asked to remain anonymous) from another company admitted there’s truth to the claim. There is “a severe global shortage. . . . Many data points have come together causing this, the most difficult being the quick timing of the problem.”

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