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ICE USA Enthusiasm Warms Up

Last Friday was an eventful day for me for several reasons. First, I felt like a fly on the wall as a newly named member of the Steering Committee of the ICE USA expo that's slated for April 6–8, 2011, at the Orlando Orange County Convention Ctr. in Orlando, FL. That meeting represented the high note of my day.

The Steering Committee for ICE USA includes the following people in alpha order: Bob Dages of CoSO; Stephanie Millman of Maxcess Corp.; Ed Montalvo of Montalvo Corp.; Kurt Oegerli of Daetwyler Corp.; Michael Pappas of Catbridge Machinery; Bob Pasquale of NEW ERA; Craig Sheppard of the Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators; Mark Spaulding of Converting Magazine; and myself with Paper, Film & Foil Converter magazine. While I was told I could not report on any of the decisions or discussions that took place during the meeting, I can tell you this: F I N A L L Y, it seems like the suppliers are feeling enthusiastic about a show! And I think the reason for their enthusiasm is because they feel there's some pent up demand for not just widgets and gadgets or replaceable consumables, but there's a real need for major new equipment. They're noticing some real activity in our industry.

 The meeting, for me, was illuminating. For the first time I heard what some of the challenging problems are for exhibitors at a trade show where working equipment is used to entice attendees. While Michael Boyle, ICE USA show director for Mack Brooks Exhibitors (organizers of ICE shows), Bob Chiricosta (also from MBE), and Roger Halligan of H+A Assoc. and chairman of the meeting, led the discussion, Steering Committee members were not afraid to express their individual opinions about problems immediate past CMMs have posed. Once these negatives were vented, the Committee got down to devising some exciting new approaches for the show. The Committees work is far from done, but the spark of enthusiasm definitely has been triggered.

A press release issued at the event quotes Boyle saying: “There is a void in the market place that is not being filled by niche events and smaller shows that are part of larger packaging focused expos.” ICE USA is described by MBE as “the only converting-exclusive event in North America that covers all facets of the paper, film, foil, and nonwovens converting industry.” An educational seminar component featuring sessions created by AIMCAL and other leading industry organizations will also be offered at the event.

Have you ever attended an ICE show? How do you think it will fare in the US? Will you attend?

Then Some Disturbing News

So the Steering Committee was the highlight of my last Thursday and Friday, April 15 & 16. I also learned some disturbing news. Reed Business Information announced on Friday that it was shutting down 21 of its business-to-business trade publications, among them Converting Magazine. I know it sounds strange coming from someone who competed with the Reed group, but I counted many editors, publishers, and support staff at that organization as good friends. Heck, I helped start Converting Magazine in 1983 when it was part of Delta Communications. The Internet and the recession have had many and varied impacts on the publishing industry. Our shifting times will no doubt inspire creativity during a new era of communication. My thoughts are with my Reed friends as they look to rebuild their professional lives.

ICE USA Steering Committee from left to right: Michael Pappas (Catbridge Machinery), Craig Sheppard (AIMCAL) Yolanda Simonsis (PFFC), Bob Chiricosta (ICE USA), Mark Spaulding (Converting), Ed Montalvo (Montalvo Corp.), Bob Pasquale (NEW ERA Machinery), Stephanie Millman (Maxcess Corp.), Michael Boyle (ICE USA), Kurt Oegerli (Daetwyler Corp.), Bob Dages (CoSo), Roger Halligan (H+A Int.)

ICE USA Steering Committee

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