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Get Your Marketing Mojo Moving!

Stephanie MillmanHave you noticed a fresh face on PFFC’s website as a new Blogger? You may have met her over the course of the last ten years–most likely at industry trade shows. PFFC welcomes Stephanie Millman, who will get your mojo moving with expert knowledge to inspire your efforts to bring your products to market.

You might ask: Why do I need a blog named Marketing Mojo? Well, have you noticed any sluggishness–not just in the economy–but with repetitive marketing messages that have lost their impact? Are you still baffled by the whole social media and networking thing? Are you wondering how to revitalize your marketing presence?

“Marketing” for many people is something vague without explicit, in-your-face (or in-your-hand) value. But without it, how many of you would have purchased the bed you sleep in each night, or the car you ride in to work or to the train, or, or, or. . . You get the idea. It’s not just suppliers to our converting industry who sell products–converters (PFFC’s readers) do too!

Stephanie delivers her expertise with first-hand knowledge of the converting industry, having been the Director of Marketing Communications for Maxcess Intl. Her experience extends over the converting, software, healthcare, and broadcast industries–industries where converted products are used.

Use Stephanie’s blog as a stage where you can pose questions or pitch your own thoughts and marketing arguments and theories to support or refute how markets are successfully served. It once was a fairly simple process to market your products, but today there are so many more options–each offering distinct advantages. Keep posted as Stephanie exposes the changes and opportunities that are taking place in the marketing arena of our industry.

Join Stephanie Millman at her new blog “Marketing Mojo” to find inspiration to get your marketing program moving.

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