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Replace Metal Anvil Rolls with Finzer Roller Back-Up Brushes

DES PLAINES, IL | Finzer Roller offers back-up brushes to replace metal anvil rolls for multi-wall bag, plastic web, and film manufacturers. Company reports latest innovation has completely changed hot and cold pin perforating, razor slitting, and cross-hatch scoring of paper, film, flexible packaging, and corrugated board products.

Brushes features extremely uniform density, presenting individual strands of bristle rather than bristle clumps or tufts. Controlled brush density allows unlimited bristle patterns from "open" to "super dense."

Benefits include superior slitting and perforating quality. Reduces setup time, allowing simple tape measure installations. Fitting or adjusting to match pin and knife points is eliminated. Supports board and web without scratching the surface.

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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