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Corrugated | Converter Forecasts $1 Million Savings with Energy Reduction System

Freedom Corrugated sees significant savings after installation of a WPS Global supply-side energy management solution

MILWAUKEE, WI | Freedom Corrugated, Hazelton, PA, installed a supply-side energy reduction system by WPS Global Inc. in October 2010. The company anticipated a guaranteed cut of at least 10% in electricity costs and assurance that it would make greater strides toward cutting its CO2 emissions.

The installation was wholeheartedly welcomed by management largely due to the success other corrugated facilities, like its sister company, Independence Corrugated, have had with WPS Global-customized systems. Other Schwarz-managed facilities have also added WPS Global systems, including Schwarz Packaging Partners Miami in 2011 and Northern Sheets in 2012.

The WPS Global energy management system has been in place for two years, and Freedom Corrugated’s management team is more than pleased with the results. The facility has earned a 15.38% overall reduction in kWh usage and an energy cost savings of over $177,000. The savings will continue for at least another 13 years, resulting in an anticipated savings of more than $1,300,000 over a total of 15 years.

“From here on out, the thousands of dollars we’re saving each month goes right back to our bottom line,” says Dave Galasso, general manager, Freedom Corrugated. “This investment will pay for itself more than tenfold during the lifetime of the system. We couldn’t be more satisfied with these results.”

Cost savings is just one benefit generated by the WPS Global system. Environmental sustainability and surge protection are other positive aspects. The WPS Global solution has lowered Freedom’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions an average of 72.85 tons/month over 24 months. By year 15, the company expects to have cut its CO2 emissions by a total of 13,113 tons.

“WPS Global’s energy management system is reducing our operation costs in other areas as well,” adds Galasso. “Since the installation, we’ve seen savings in our maintenance costs because we have fewer drive failures, less downtime, fewer repairs, and we expect this will result in better longevity of our equipment.”

Electrical surges can wreak havoc on vulnerable computer-driven equipment. Each WPS Global system involves a number of components that work together to divert electrical surges away from the equipment’s sensitive circuitry.

“We call it surge protection on steroids,” says Bill Berhmann, WPS Global's senior systems designer. “It not only protects equipment, but it facilitates efficiencies and increases the lifetime of the equipment.”

Where the Savings Began

Each energy management system placed by WPS Global is unique in that it is custom-designed to directly reduce kilowatt consumption for each individual facility. By creating a facility-specific plan, selecting equipment, and placing it based on the customer’s particular needs, WPS Global’s systems quickly translate to significant and enduring electrical savings for 15 years or more. WPS Global offers a 10% reduction guarantee backed by projected savings and real-world success stories.

After WPS Global conducted a comprehensive energy audit for Freedom, Behrmann presented a detailed plan. Upon Freedom management’s approval, WPS Global implemented the customized supply-side energy-saving solution and within weeks Freedom began to see a significant reduction in energy usage and costs.

“In the first month alone, our system reduced Freedom’s kilowatt usage by nearly 25 percent, cutting their bill by nearly $13,000,” explained Behrmann. “When customers see this huge impact take effect so quickly, it isn’t difficult for them to imagine how their investment in our system will pay off.”

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