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Pringraf Winning Awards with Highcon Digital Cutting Machine

YAVNE, ISRAEL | Pringraf in Italy is in the process of installing the world's first Highcon Euclid II digital cutting and creasing machine at a special site in Campochiaro. Giuseppe and Roberto Prioriello, co-founders of Pringraf, say, “We fell in love with the Highcon Euclid, seeing it as an ideal solution. We had been looking for something special, something more productive that would help us bring our dreams to life. We have been in the printing business since 1994 and have always been passionate about the connection between graphic design, digital technology, and printing. This revolutionary new product will remove the limits inherent in creating truly imaginative design and will make the realization of package design far more hassle-free.”

In order to demonstrate its commitment, Pringraf entered and won design awards with a Gelato box package digitally cut and creased on a Highcon Euclid machine. The company’s awards include the ProCarton ECMA Food category and the Luxury Packaging Awards Best in Show and Best Luxury Food Pack categories.

The Gelato box packaging brief came from Pingraf’s customer, Aloha. The company wanted to package its product in a wicker basket and didn’t think that it would be possible to create the concept with cartonboard. However, this was made a reality thanks to the Euclid’s capabilities. The wicker structure was created through high quality intricate laser cutouts that can maintain the basket shape during customer use, perfectly representing the intended product presentation. Additionally, it resulted in an ecologically sustainable, less expensive concept, that also saw the customer achieve increased sales and market presence, and time to market was only three months.

Nigel Tracey, Highcon sales director, states, “I have known Pringraf for several years. The company is a true innovator and the Highcon Euclid is a great match for them. I am looking forward to seeing how it helps grow the business.”

Pringraf signed the deal with MGraf, the latest addition to Highcon’s distribution channel in Italy. David Marinoni of MGraf said, “The combination of Highcon’s game-changing technology and Giuseppe’s vision will be a great success. Also, personally, I am very happy, because we supplied Prioriello Brothers with a small offset machine more than 20 years ago and, thanks to Highcon, we are now renewing our long relationship through this important project.”

The Highcon Euclid II incorporates numerous productivity and quality improvements. This is a result of the valuable input garnered from Euclid customers around the world. Upgrades include a new substrate handling system, enhanced creasing quality, and optimized cutting algorithms.

Giuseppe has also founded a new startup called Packly, a web to pack platform for custom packaging. It is an easy and fast way to create packaging online and have it printed, starting from one copy. Graphic designers, brand owners etc., can even use Packly to create custom die-cut shapes. The user can do this online, entering the dimensions and substrate thickness and have the CAD file immediately available for download. Packly is in private beta and will be launched to the public at the beginning of 2015.


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