Scodix Launches Inline Digital Foiling Station

ROSH HA'AYIN, ISRAEL | Scodix has launched Scodix Foil, an inline digital foiling station for the Scodix Ultra Pro. Using a unique patent foiling process, Scodix is able to digitally produce professional results said to match and transcend quality standards of either traditional hot foil or cold foil processes. Scodix Foil efficiently uses readily available foils to produce a range of colors such as gold, silver, bronze, and more, with no waste or mess.

Scodix Foil makes it cost effective to implement the effects of foil for run lengths of only 1 up to 10 thousand and more, to just about any project, including packaging.

A team of industry experts recently named the innovation a Graph Expo Must See ‘Ems in the Postpress and In-line Finishing category.

Scodix Foil is an additional in-line station that compliments the Scodix Ultra Pro platform by collaborating three specific technologies:

1. RSP (Rotate Scale Position): Ensures optimal and pinpoint registration using 4 different CCD cameras and sophisticated computerized algorithms;

2. PAS (Pin Activate Secure): A unique and patented foil process utilizing the PolySENSE 500 polymer that enables extra fine details with a large variety of foils on a wide selection of substrates;

3. Transfer Capabilities: Achieved through an exclusive agreement with Compact Foilers Ltd., a market leader in foil transfer units. The synergy between the companies enables flawless, robust, high-yield production with significant foil savings.


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