Heidelberg Folding Carton Gluers Are Upgraded

KENNESAW, GA | Heidelberg reports the Diana Smart Series of folding carton gluing machines features new options, as well as a new model in a 45-in. format size.

The machine features a compact footprint and what company says is the same commitment to quality that characterizes the Diana X folding carton gluers. Elements such as the feeder and pre-fold section are identical to the X Series. New features include a compact 4/6-corner box module and an in-line blank ejector module that removes defective cartons from the machine one at a time in the direction of travel.

Company says with its expanded portfolio, it is now in a position to address a wide variety of its converting customers’ requirements from entry-level to high-end production.

With a maximum machine speed of 1,476 fpm, the gluers of the Diana Smart Series are said to be well suited for a variety of production applications in the 21-, 31-, and 45-in. format ranges. Special options are available to address specialty cartons (like double-wall cartons, multi-compartment cartons, miniature cartons, mailing envelopes, and record sleeves), in addition to the standard carton designs.

The feeder alignment station reportedly ensures precise feeding of the blank for accurate processing, while the long compression and delivery section ensures optimum glue adhesion. The modular Diana Smart can be combined with Diana Inspection and the Diana Braille module. It also can be equipped with a prefeeder, stack turner, and a packer.

The Diana Ejector Module removes defective cartons from the machine one at a time in the direction of blank travel. This enables higher speeds and enables specialized and very small cartons to be removed from the manufacturing process reliably. The ejector can be triggered either by the Diana Inspection Module or any third-party glue detection or bar code verification system. Until now, the ejector was available only on the Diana X series but is now also featured on the Diana Smart.

“This is an important step in completing our gluer portfolio. With these new features we can address now all the standard cartons in style and format in the Diana Smart Series,” says Joerg Daehnhardt, VP postpress, Heidelberg USA.

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