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Diamond Packaging Wins Gold for Luxury Brand

ROCHESTER, NY | Diamond Packaging won six awards in the 72nd annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition, the industry’s premier showcase for all that is new and outstanding in paperboard packaging design and technology. Awards were presented at the PPC Fall Meeting and Leadership Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

The competition, sponsored by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and professors, is a celebration of the industry and its creative potential. It is also an affirmation of paperboard as the clear and intelligent choice for packaging in today’s eco-conscious world.

Diamond won a Gold Award for Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue NYC Premiere carton. The packaging features metallized polyester board and intricate foil stamping and embossing accents. The brilliant, mirror-like finish of the substrate makes it a perfect choice for conveying the stunning graphics.

The carton was converted utilizing metallized polyester board and offset printed with purple, dense black, and opaque white inks, in-line with DiamondTouch soft touch coating. The overall DiamondTouch soft touch coating provides an appealing tactile quality that promotes consumer interaction. The high gloss foil stamped and embossed accents on the front and rear panels add distinction and reinforce 5th Avenue as a luxury brand.

The combination of color and textures differentiate the design from other fragrance cartons and beautifully complement the design of the primary container – a glass bottle with tall clean lines, purple color palette, and gold infused cap.



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