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SoOPAK Entices Customers for Valentine's Day

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA | For consumer brands catering to the Valentine’s Day holiday, SoOPAK offered a special limited-time Valentine’s Day price reduction for its custom-packaging boxes. For only one dollar more, a SoOPAK customer could purchase an additional 500 boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes to dress up its special Valentine’s Day product.

“On Valentine’s Day, it’s not just the candy, perfume, wine, or jewelry given as a gift but the unique box that it’s presented in as well,” says YaJun (Carol) Jiang, president. “We cater to a variety of large and small producers of diverse products that require our customized boxes to sell their product and make the recipient feel special and loved. We can quickly create gift-worthy packaging in an economical fashion with the high quality and ease that brands deserve. We’ve recently redesigned our website to make a customer’s experience inspiring and personable.”

Valentine’s Day is ranked as the fourth largest spending holiday, and shoppers in the U.S. are projected to spend nearly $20 billion this year. This explosion of sales is due in part to gifts being given not just to significant others or spouses but more broadly to children, parents, classmates, teachers, and even pets.

Rather than produce a one-size-fits-all package, SoOPAK has targeted the custom-created fast-growing niche market of specially-designed cartons and packaging that help products stand out and perfectly fit retail displays to catch the consumer’s eye. SoOPAK has a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives that provide essential guidance to help brand packagers create the perfect box for its Valentine’s Day product.

No matter what size or weight, refrigerated or not, SoOPAK can produce a wide assortment of custom cartons and packaging complete with a firm’s logo and designed as traditional, fun and functional, lush, premium, or limited edition. Small gift boxes for Valentine’s Day sometimes in the shape of a heart are perfect for candy and jewelry. SoOPAK attracts bakery and retail food markets to its custom cake boxes, cupcake boxes, and other creative food packaging containers produced for Valentine’s Day cookies, cakes, and other food items. Florists might choose specially-designed rose and plant boxes to hold delicate flowers. Scarves and neckties are easily held in apparel boxes while perfume and nail gloss gifts can be perfectly fit into cosmetic packaging. For those giving the traditional stuffed animal gift, SoOPAK creates a special box to surprise their Valentine.

“Our production facility in Toronto is geared toward meeting tight deadlines for important holidays such as Valentine’s Day,” says Jiang. “Our customers praise us for delivering on-time packaging that meets North American standards, with 100% accuracy, and tight quality control management. No matter what the budget, even for brands with limited means, SoOPAK offers a solution for an affordable box that creates special attention for its product. Our highly trained staff operates automated offset presses in our North American printing facility to produce stunning packaging that exactly matches a customer’s logo and product. Plus, we can keep our prices low by not requiring any plate or die charges. We’re at the forefront of innovation.”


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