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Zecher Invests in Corrugated Cardboard

PADERBORN, GERMANY | Zecher, a supplier of anilox rollers, reports it has been investing more heavily in the corrugated cardboard sector. 

The company says the growing corrugated cardboard market offers increasingly great potential for the printing sector and is therefore likewise a highly interesting prospect for manufacturers of anilox rollers, adding that corrugated cardboard is increasingly being used as a support for advertising, which translates into extra requirements regarding print quality. Zecher says it has responded to numerous customer requests in this respect in order to strengthen its presence there.

Thomas Reinking, Zecher’s sales director, says, “Our anilox rollers deliver optimum performance when it comes to high quality printing, which helps to explain the growing popularity that we are enjoying in the sector. We have already seen increased sales in the corrugated cardboard sector during 2016, and we intend to invest intensive efforts over the coming year in the further expansion of our customer base in this respect.”

The company produces more than 12,000 engraved anilox rollers annually at its main plant in Paderborn.

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