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QuadPackaging Expands in Dominican Republic

SUSSEX, WI | QuadPackaging, a provider of comprehensive packaging solutions, reports the growth of its operations in the Dominican Republic. The recently completed new facility located just outside Santo Domingo will replace the company’s original plant with advanced capabilities that reportedly will deliver top quality packaging materials to clients in the cigar, pharmaceutical, medical device, apparel, and other industries.

“Our clients’ industries in this region are growing rapidly. Our new, much larger facility reflects our commitment to growing with them, and responding to their needs as they evolve,” says Tom Garland, president of QuadPackaging. “The new plant in the Dominican Republic keeps us a step ahead of growing demand for top quality, agile packaging services.”

The new plant is outfitted with state-of-the art equipment—including two new presses, three new die-cutters, upgraded gluers, screen coating, and on-demand corrugate—to deliver premium quality packaging to clients. The new facility has more than double the capacity of the former plant, enabling the company to seamlessly take on clients’ growing production needs without delays

Company says the new facility will allow clients to produce packaging closer to where their products are created within the Dominican Republic, which improves timeliness, cost-efficiency, and convenience through the production process. QuadPackaging adds that centralized pre-production, rigorous quality assurance systems, and regional expert support help clients protect their budgets without sacrificing quality in the US and beyond.


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