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PPC Spring Meeting Has Broad Agenda

SPRINGFIELD, MA | The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) held its Spring Outlook and Strategies Conference March 29–31, 2017, in Charlotte, NC. During the event, leaders in the paperboard packaging industry learned the latest in consumer, economic, and policy trends. 

Much of the conference programming focused around consumers and their attitudes toward paperboard packaging. Ron Sasine, principal of Hudson Windsor and former executive for Walmart and MeadWestvaco (now WestRock), revealed that Millennial moms will make most of the important purchasing decisions affecting folding carton manufacturers over the next 30 years. These moms, along with other consumer demographics, are looking for companies that support their values, a significant one of which is sustainability. Fortunately, paperboard shines in this area., says the PPC.

Attendees also heard about sustainability and the consumer from Paul Schutes, executive director of the Recycled Paperboard Alliance/Recycled Paperboard Technical Association, and Joan Sahlgren, director of public relations for the Paper and Packaging Board. Schutes reminded attendees that fiber-based packaging has an advantage in national campaign aimed at shifting consumer attitudes in favor of paper. 

Shawn Rhodes discusses change management at PPC’s recent conference

Imparting crucial knowledge around leadership and management, the program featured Shawn Rhodes, former U.S. Marine Corps war correspondent turned organizational consultant, TEDx speaker, and author. Shawn explained that, despite the fact that many business leaders tend to think of change as out of their control, companies can plan for change and pivot when it occurs. To help leaders in attendance do just that, Shawn laid out a three-pronged model around planning, process building, and performance.

Pivoting to the hot topics of economic and political policy, attendees heard from Alan Beaulieu, economist and president of ITR Economics, who asserted that good days are ahead for the economy. He urged attendees to reset expectations and get ready for growth. To this end, converters should look for capacity restraints and also have discussions about willingness to take on risk. Additionally, Carolyn Lee, senior director of tax policy at the National Association of Manufacturing, filled attendees in on the political side of the equation, reviewing the new Administration and Congress’ significant to-do list, with key issues such as health care, tax policy, and infrastructure up for change and reform.

“At PPC’s conferences, folding carton executives learn the latest in economic, political, and consumer trends, and also get leadership pointers on how to navigate through these complexities with their teams and companies,” says PPC president Ben Markens. “I hope that members left Spring Meeting feeling inspired, energized, and prepared to move forward toward their goals and objectives.”

In addition to presentations, the conference featured several breakout sessions including meetings of the Marketing & Sustainability, Membership, Canadian, Rigid Box, and Women’s Leadership Committees. Attendees also spent a entertaining night at the NASCAR Hall of Fame

PPC’s next conference will take place on Oct. 4–6, 2017, in Scottsdale, AZ. For information, visit this link.

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