Maxson Web Splicer Is Automatic

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company offers an automatic web splicer engineered for increased sheeter productivity that reportedly produces highly reliable splices and reduces waste while saving time and labor. The splicer, which can be integrated into new installations or retrofitted to existing lines, can accommodate rolls to 84 in. (1828 mm) in diameter and 90 in. (2,285 mm) wide. 

Using the menu-driven controls, the splice initiation is automatically initiated at a preset roll diameter. Web tension is also programmed by the operator, governing the unwind brake pressure.

Infeed idler rolls equalize the tension across the web and double the web length between the roll core and point of splicing, thereby allowing higher speeds to be maintained during the splicing process. Pneumatically loaded rollers create a high pressure rolling nip said to make a secure splice, while the process line is approaching speeds of 1,000 fpm (330 mpm).

A driven caption roll assists the new roll’s web in accelerating to line speed quickly after a splice is made. Using a dancer roll system and programmable logic controller, web tension is automatically and consistently maintained., company says.

The splicer is engineered for simplified operation and reliability of joining together webs of two rolls without stopping the sheeter. Ergonomically designed to suit the operator, the threading of the splicer eliminates special web maneuvering and manual indexing from floor level. Using pneumatic clamps, the beginning of a roll is held in place to allow the operator to easily make a double backed lap splice.

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