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Metsä Board Offers Eco-Barrier Paperboard

METSA, FINLAND | Metsä Board, a producer of premium fresh fiber paperboards, has launched MetsäBoard Pro FSB EB1, a new eco-barrier paperboard. It offers a special barrier treatment and is bio-based, recyclable, and biodegradable and was developed especially for food service use. On top of the sustainability benefits of this new product, it also reportedly offers efficiencies in printing and converting.

Barrier treatment is fluorochemicals-free, and the new eco-barrier paperboard can be used with foods requiring grease resistance up to KIT level 5. Company says the barrier properties can be further improved by adding varnishing layers at the converter. This latter option is said to offer a notable increase in efficiency as the barrier property improvement can be made by applying only one varnishing layer in comparison to paperboards without this special barrier treatment.

A Finnish converter, OffsetKolmio Oy, has been using the new paperboard for a baguette pack used by a Finnish artisan bakery, Huovisen Leipomo. Kimmo Jokinen, managing director, OffsetKolmio Oy, says, “We were able to reduce the print cost without compromising on the quality or barrier properties of the board. Print machine time for barrier treatment was reduced by 50 percent, and 65 percent less varnish was needed thanks to the special barrier treatment of MetsäBoard Pro FSB EB1. In addition, this breathable board keeps its form and preserves the filled baguette well.”

The lightweight paperboard is available in basis weights of 195–290 g/m2 with all layers hard-sized. It is said to enable high quality printing on both sides and is suitable for offset and flexo printing. The consistent quality of the new paperboard gives excellent convertibility, company adds, and it is glueable with standard dispersion and hot melt adhesives.

The new product is safe for direct food contact and it is free of optical brighteners (OBA free).

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