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Metsä Board Ensures Sustainability

METSÄ, FINLAND | Metsä Board, a producer of premium fresh fiber paperboard, announces that its North American customers can now use its products with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) on-product label that recognizes global PEFC certifications. The company says it is the first European paperboard manufacturer to be approved for this opportunity. A new rule under SFI allows PEFC chain of custody manufacturers, with PEFC certified content from countries outside of the US and Canada, to be able to use an SFI “global” on-product label.

The whole Metsä Group, including Metsä Board, supports forest certification schemes and encourages their adoption worldwide. Nina Happonen, VP sales Americas, Metsä Board, says, “The wood we procure always comes from certified or controlled forests, which means that we ensure its legality as well as the responsibility and sustainability of the whole supply chain. Of the wood we use, 80 percent is certified forest content according to the world's leading forest certification systems: PEFC or FSC. We are happy now to be able to offer, in addition, the use of SFI on-product label to our customers in North America.“

Kathy Abusow, president & CEO of SFI, says, “We congratulate Metsä Board on becoming the first European paperboard producer to utilize this new option for SFI on-product labeling. As a sustainability organization dedicated to the future of our forests, SFI focuses its efforts on supply chain assurances, conservation elevation and education and community engagement. We are proud that SFI’s on-product labels make it clear that a product has been responsibly sourced or comes from a certified forest.”

Happonen adds, “For Metsä Board, sustainability does not just stop at forest management certification. For years we have set targets and monitored the achievements while continuously working to minimize our impact on the environment. For example, we have been able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 45 percent since 2009. Metsä Board has worked systematically to reduce the weight of its paperboards, which helps reduce carbon footprint in the entire value chain, and we are committed to further leading the development in this area.”

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