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Partners Join Forces To Develop RGB Printing for Packaging

Photo source: Istock and Kobrin_photo

PARIS, FRANCE | Recently, Merck, Saueressig, Siegwerk and Vrijdag Premium Printing – all suppliers to the packaging industry – successfully presented their jointly developed brand new RGB printing process to an expert audience at the Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design (PCD) trade fair in Paris, Europe's leading event for innovations and trends in the cosmetic packaging industry.

“Our joint presentation at PCD was a resounding success,” said Peter Clauter, marketing manager at Merck. “We had so many interested show visitors stopping at our booth, asking for more information and details about our new RGB printing process.”

Until now, packaging printing was only done on a white or light background and black was created only as a combination of the CMYK colors. With the new RGB printing technology, it is now possible to print images directly on a black substrate.

“RGB represents an additional attractive option for creating unique and effective printed materials and increases the opportunities for differentiation at the POS,” adds Thomas Boucoiran, global head brand owner business at Siegwerk. “Nobody had seen this kind of printing before. The resulting new design opportunities were strongly fascinating all visitors and especially designers and brand owners were interested in getting new impressions and ideas for innovative packaging based on our new technology.”

RGB printing does not compete with CMYK. It rather offers packaging designers and printers unprecedented liberty for creating truly outstanding packaging enhancements, as Merck’s pearlescent pigments generate brightly shining and intense colors on the print products.

All four project partners are pursuing the overarching objective of supporting brand owners in their search for creative packaging ideas with innovative and high quality solutions. The individual adjustment to the needs of every single customer is clearly the focus for all four companies.


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