Heartland Sheets Installs Scrap Trakker

KENOSHA, WI | Heartland Sheets recently installed SCRAP TRAKKER at its Kansas City, MO, corrugated sheet co-operative. Designed specifically to help corrugated facilities take better control of waste, SCRAP TRAKKER is a data collection and reporting software system combined with a data collection hardware package utilizing touchscreen and bar code technologies. A newly formed division of Indianapolis-based Schwarz Partners LP, Heartland Sheets is one of several similar operations owned by the holding company to install a SCRAP TRAKKER system.

Fotu Taua at Heartland Sheets

RTC Technologies' SCRAP TRAKKER waste data collection and reporting system will provide Heartland Sheets with automated tools and enhanced reporting to identify high-waste areas within its corrugated plant, empowering management to monitor its progress at reducing its scrap. For many corrugator facilities, the potential savings associated with proactive, automated waste data collection and reporting can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

With the help of SCRAP TRAKKER’s hardware and software package, Heartland Sheets’ plant management and staff will have the ability to identify problem areas with ease. Real time reporting puts critical information in the hands of plant supervisors when they need it, empowering them to make better, scrap-reducing decisions for each machine on each shift. Reporting features include the ability to export waste and consumption data directly into Microsoft Excel and customize graphs and statistical reports.

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