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Maxson Cleaning Devices Help with Adhesive Buildup


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. offers cleaning devices said to enhance slit and cross cut quality when sheeting pressure-sensitive materials or other laminates where adhesive buildup on blades is likely. The design is reported to be straightforward to adjust and simple to retrofit to existing sheeters.

The top slitter blades are outfitted with a lubricated wick that removes adhesive buildup, preventing debris from collecting on the blade and transferring to the sheet’s slit edge. The wick can be trimmed after substantial buildup develops or be cleaned of contamination as required, with its depth adjusted to suit the need of the material being converted.

The cutting section is outfitted with a lubricated felt mounted over the revolver. Adjustable in position, it can be placed to wipe the cutting edge of the fly knife, cleaning the blade of adhesive buildup and preventing debris from transferring to the sheet’s leading or trailing edge. The felt can be trimmed after substantial buildup develops or it can be cleaned of contamination.

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