Gravure Choquet Installs Foil Stamping Press

Gravure Choquet, Montreal, QC, Canada, has recently installed a Kluge 14x22 EHD Foil Stamping, Embossing and Die-cutting Press. Of their five Kluge EHDs, this press is configured with an optional pre-load magazine allowing the operator to load sheets without stopping the press, especially useful when feeding thicker stocks. The Kluge EHD Series has made its mark delivering complete and solid foil stamping coverage; deep, crisp embossing; and clean, accurate die-cutting.

Gravure Choquet

Founded in 1973, Gravure Choquet is a trade finisher at the forefront of Canada's specialized printing industry providing service to a diverse clientele of major printing plants, advertising agencies, and all sizes of business. Choquet currently has 24 presses capable of finishing a variety of sheet sizes from large to small.

"We keep at least three of our Kluges busy every day, sometimes all five. The 14 by 22 EHD is ideal for feeding and foil stamping pre-die-cut folding cartons. It also allows us to die-cut jobs without nicking so nothing has to be sanded, the product goes direct into the box. The ease of feeding and makeready make it a good choice for our small quantity, short runs that would be too time consuming on a larger press." says Patrick Choquet, owner, Gravure Choquet.

Choquet was recognized with high honors in May at the 2013 FSEA Gold Leaf Awards, receiving the Best of Show Award for a piece entitled "Kurz Christmas Cards." In total, they received awards for five outstanding pieces of high quality work showcasing foil stamping, embossing, and specialty effects on a product. Patrick Choquet credits his experienced team of artisans for their success, "It takes skill and care to do this and a very good and talented press operator."

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