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Anderson IR Lamp Suited for Packaging Lines


HAWTHORNE, NJ | Anderson Thermal Devices is offering a new infrared quartz lamp called RadReflect for drying and curing inks, coatings, and adhesives onto packaging, paper, and nonwovens. Company says the new ceramic coating has 95% of the reflective efficiencies of gold, is less expensive, and has a longer life than gold-coated IR quartz lamps.

The reflective coating makes the heaters unidirectional, radiating most of the energy towards the substrate without external reflectors. The lamps can be operated at higher temperatures while the back of the quartz tube remains cool, thereby extending lamp life. The heater is said to be well suited for packaging lines where multiple zones are required, allowing for better uniformity of heat across the web width.

Lamps are available in shortwave and medium wave fast-response versions allowing for the optimum wavelength needed. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically making them suitable for many types of packaging/converting line configurations. The lamps are available in single- and twin-tube configurations.

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