Flint Introduces Adhesive for Cold Foil Technology

PLYMOUTH, MN | Flint Group reports the introduction of UltraCURA Bond, an adhesive solution said to maximize the performance and esthetics of cold foil technology for sheet-fed printing.

Company says product meets customer demands for fast cure and clean, sharp lines and edges of the foil areas and provides exceptional lithographic performance for ease of use and smooth lay.

Michael B. King, president and CEO of Eagle Systems, manufacturer of cold foil machines, says, “UltraCURA Bond is the latest innovation to the cold foil sheet-fed market. What I like the most is the laydown. It was so sharp and crisp. I said to the pressman, ‘if it grabs foil like it prints, we have a winner.’ Well, it did, and with the smooth laydown, the shine was quite high.”

The product is offered in toned, clear, and low-migration technologies.


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