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SAM Holds Inaugural Open House

PHOENIX, NY | Sung An Machinery Company (SAM) held its inaugural open house at the new R&D Center located at company headquarters in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The event was held

SAM’s Solution Coating Lab line

on April 22, 2016, and hosted by Dong Seong Shin, president of SAM. Scheduled prior to Chinaplas in Shanghai, the event attracted more than 50 customers and industry partners from all over the world. Participants were presented with a tour of the new R&D Center and company’s Solution Coating Lab as well as the Printed Electronics Lab and overall manufacturing facility during the one-day event. SAM opened its doors to an additional 140 guests on April 29 for visitors attending Chinaplas.

The Solution Coating Lab opened in March 2016 at the R&D Center. The lab’s pilot coating machine is designed for running water- and solvent-based, 100% solids, and hot melt coatings with a maximum width of 1,060 mm at 600 mpm (bypass speeds to 1,000 mpm).

The line offers modular coating capabilities of slot die, micro gravure, pressurized chamber doctor blade, direct/reverse/offset gravure, S-knife (comma), reverse roll, semi-flexo, five-roll, and transfer roll to start. The line includes a 22-m, seven-zone flotation and roll support dryer. The machine line features automatic turrets at the primary unwind and winder for continuous running, a secondary unwind for wet and dry laminations, corona treatment, web cleaning, and UV curing.

Demonstrations during the open house included high-speed coating via a smooth roll coater as well as automatic high-speed transfers at the unwind and winder.

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