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Sun Chemical & HP Indigo to Develop Digital Coatings

PARSIPPANY, NJ | Sun Chemical has entered a collaboration agreement with HP Indigo to develop cost-effective digital coatings which reportedly would enable the adoption of digital printing in the packaging industry.

Companies say the agreement between the two will lead to the development of a comprehensive range of digital coatings to support brand owners, converters, and printers alike, including overprint varnishes and adhesives tailored to complement digital solutions.

“Digital printing in the packaging market offers brand owners a wide range of differentiation possibilities, making packaging more meaningful and an instrumental means of communication with customers,” says Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical. “Printers and converters have already invested in digital presses and need specialist coatings and varnishes that would enable packaging applications to be printed digitally according to market requirements and standards. Sun Chemical brings a wealth of experience, insight, and knowledge of the packaging industry and will work closely with HP Indigo to ensure the optimal performance of the digital coatings solutions.”

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