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Henkel Wins Eco Award from UPM Raflatac

HELSINKI, FINLAND | UPM Raflatac reports that Henkel is the winner of the Label Life Awards 2018 for its educational initiatives. The awards recognize strong sustainable performance from UPM’s suppliers who develop sustainable business practices beneficial for both the environment and society.

"I would like to congratulate Henkel for this great achievement,” says Maria Seppälä, VP, Sourcing, UPM Raflatac. “The Label Life Awards is an important opportunity for UPM Raflatac to recognize our suppliers' sustainability performance and share best practices between the suppliers. All the initiatives that were presented by the four finalists were inspiring and something we can all learn from.

Henkel's award-winning approach consists of two initiatives: International Forscherwelt (Researcher's World) initiative and Sustainability School Project where Henkel's employees visit elementary schools as part of Henkel's Sustainability Ambassador Program. The jury emphasized the overall positive societal impact of Henkel's initiatives, which have a wider societal impact on the children, particularly in developing countries and countries in transition. Furthermore, the initiative was considered very motivating and engaging for the employees at Henkel.

Greg Douglas, senior key account & labels business development manager, Henkel, says, "We are very pleased to receive this kind of recognition from one of our key customers. Winning the Label Life Awards means a lot to us because everything we do is created with the consumer in mind, and we have put a lot of effort into our sustainability initiatives. This award will really inspire everybody to do more."

Adds Ute Krupp, sustainability manager and head of Henkel Forscherwel, “Sustainability has been part of our DNA for decades since the beginning, and ecological and social aspects are integrated into our business.”


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