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PCT Celebrates an Important Anniversary


DAVENPORT, IA | PCT Engineered Systems is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the manufacturer of the BroadBeam line of electron beam (EB) systems.

The company purchased the BroadBeam technology from one of its clients in 2003, when it had already been in business for nearly two decades. “We knew there was great potential in both EB technology and the BroadBeam line of products,” says PCT director of sales and marketing Karl Swanson.

Reportedly, ongoing enhancements in EB system technology, including lower system costs, smaller-sized equipment, and the increased availability of EB-curable inks, coatings, and adhesives, have not only allowed EB technology to evolve into a viable option for a wide range of industries like package converting and PSA manufacturing but have also led to opportunities for EB in new applications such as sterilization, metal coil coating, and digital (inkjet) printing. The demand for a green and environmentally friendly technology is also driving growth in EB technology, company adds.

PCT president Terry Thompson says PCT’s innovations over the past ten years include a patented integrated shield roll design, in which a temperature controlled roll supports material as it moves through the curing process while simultaneously providing necessary safety shielding.

“We haven’t seen the end of EB technology evolution,” says Thompson. “Forward-thinking companies from a wide range of industries continue to discover benefits and efficiencies from EB technology that were unimagined when we started this journey ten years ago….”

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