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Flex Films to Launch Metallic Polyester Ultra-High Barrier Film ‘F-UHB-M’ for Aluminum Foil Replacement

Flex Films, the global film manufacturing arm of flexible packaging giant UFlex, is set to launch its new avant-garde patented BOPET high barrier film F-UHB-M, designed to replace aluminum foil in flexible packaging applications.

With its new specially formulated bi-axially oriented, polyester (BOPET) structure, F-UHB-M reportedly comes with superior gas and water barrier while achieving one of the lowest oxygen and moisture barrier values and industry-leading metal adhesion of 1200 grams/25millimeters that aids improvement and extension of product shelf-life.

Flex Films’ novel film reportedly offers a thickness of 12 microns and coating technology together with a very high optical density is compatible with a wide range of inks and adhesives, has better machinability and handling during processing, generates lesser scrap during production, comes with good flex crack resistance, has 20 percent increased puncture resistance vs BOPET grades, an advanced in-line inspection mechanism in place to ensure consistency in barrier properties; and far less pinhole density than aluminum foils, making it less susceptible to gases and water vapor leakages.

Besides superior barrier performance and bond strength, F-UHB-M reportedly offers multiple benefits for customers ranging from cost efficiency, higher sustainability quotient to efficient use in logistics and e-commerce.

F-UHB-M helps the converting industry move from a ‘difficult to recycle 4-ply laminate structure with aluminum foil’ to a ‘much simpler, easily recyclable 3-ply laminate structure with F-UHB-M film’ without compromising on barrier performance, thus helping the customer achieve reduced laminate weight and lesser cost with minimized carbon footprint.

While the new high barrier film’s protective oxygen and moisture barrier system helps lock in flavors and aroma of food products for longer than those of products packaged in aluminum foils, the high metal bond strength ensures no delamination making the laminate a lot more secure and packed product safe and retain quality.

As against traditional aluminum foils, the materials cost of F-UHB-M is less impacted by price fluctuations, allowing the customer to make better cost forecasts. The film is also FDA compliant.

For more information, visit https://www.flexfilm.com.

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