Olbrich Offers Pilot Plant Technologies for New Product Development

BOCHOLT, GERMANY | OLBRICH’s pilot plant features Coating Line BA1, a multi-purpose coating, printing, and laminating line for material widths up to 550 mm with mechanical speeds of 1-75 m/min. Up to 60 plus coating methods are available. Coating systems include, for example, roller coating (direct and indirect, forward and reverse); knife over roll; screen, gravure and flexo printing; dip coating; Mayer bar; chamber doctor blade, pressurized gravure systems; slot die, and curtain coating.

Olbrich Pilot coating line BA1

Laminating & Embossing Line PLA1 is for material widths to 1,000 mm with mechanical speeds of 2-100 m/min. Features an unwinder for maximum 800-mm dia and two auxiliary unwinders for maximum 500-mm dia. Kiss coating unit and embossing unit with drives for embossing (in registration optionally available also) and counter roller. Infrared radiator is 140 kW.

Olbrich laminating and embossing line PLA1

Each line is individually tailored to the specific requirements of customers to ensure precise, trouble-free operation.

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