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NDC Products Aid Ion Battery Web Gauging Applications


IRWINDALE, CA | NDC announces new on-line measurement and control products for the manufacture of lithium ion battery (LIB) components. Company says technologies are designed to help LIB manufacturers achieve new levels of quality and performance from their LIB separator film extruders, coaters, and press lines. 

Measurement technologies have been developed with company’s FG710S IR sensor that is said to provide a comprehensive picture of total film quality. This sensor is able to measure the thickness and basis weight of clear, voided, porous, and translucent films, employing special IR filter techniques to measure the oil content in PE battery film for the entire process, beginning with the wet cast film and after the first biax stretch. The FG710S can be configured to measure the coextrusion components of multilayer film products.

Company’s Gap Exclusion Software measures patch coatings by excluding the uncoated areas between each coating application, while Pattern Recognition Software measures stripe coatings and automatically detects and displays the coated versus uncoated strips across the profile width.

Reportedly, thickness measurement combined with robust calender controls permit LIB calender press lines to be run to extremely tight thickness tolerances to help produce high quality products efficiently.

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